About YesGK

We are YesGK, a company dedicated to providing anime figure products and information for all figure collectors.

YesGK has its own figure store in China, which was founded by a group of experienced anime figure collectors. As a result, YesGK established stable partnerships with numerous well-known design studios, supporting retail, wholesale, and online sales of limited-edition statues/GK (GARAGE KIT), PVC figures, action figures, and more. At YesGK, you will not only stay up to date with the latest anime news and information, but also get the most satisfying shopping experience!

Our Story

Like many other figure collectors, we are both very passionate about collecting anime figures. Along our collecting journey, we've encountered various challenges such as some popular statues were difficult to order, figures received were not they look like, and even some studios disappeared with our money. Despite these setbacks, we remain passionate about collectiong our favorite anime figures.

Fortunately, during an anime exhibition, we met a senior-level anime figure agent who had many stable collaborations with reliable studios. We started buying figures from his channel and found that we could indeed purchase our favorite figures promptly, receive well-crafted figures, and even pay lower prices than the market! The after-sales service was also very responsible, providing timely replacements or partial refunds for damaged parts.

We enjoyed our shopping experience so much that we introduced it to our fellow figure enthusiast friends. Gradually, more and more people sought us out to buy figures, so we founded an online figure store in China. With the agent's recommendation, we established direct partnerships with many well-known and reliable anime design studios. Our figure store has been well-received and supported by many domestic figure collectors.

This year, we decided to expand into overseas markets, sharing this channel with more figure collectors, and thus, YesGK was born.

Source from Reliable Studios

All our figures and statues come from strictly selected original design studios or authorized studios. You can always find some unique designs that catch your eye here. All figures and statues are limited, and some designs are produced only once, so they may be permanently sold out. But don't worry, if you really want one, we can also find collectors who own the statue and ask if they're willing to sell, but this usually requires a higher price.

Better Shipping Support

Anime figures and statues come from reliable design studios, with internal packaging designed to suit all statue components, including wooden protection when necessary, to maintain 100% intact statue parts during long-distance transportation. Additionally, we cooperate with multiple reliable logistics providers. Once a customer's goods arrive at our warehouse, we request quotes from different logistics providers and then screen several low-cost and reliable shipping options for the customer to choose from. For more shipping information, please check our shipping policy.

Professional YesGK Team

Thanks to our figure store in China, we have a professional and experienced team to support better customer service. We support contact via email and WhatsApp, with a maximum response time of 24 hours. You can feel free to consult us about any product, payment, shipping, after-sales, and other issues. We have a comprehensive after-sales policy, doing our best to ensure every collector has a satisfying shopping experience. For more detailed after-sales information, please check our after-sales policy.

Contact Us

Email: info@yesgk.com