After-Sales Policy

Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy

The deposit is non-refundable after we have made the purchase, the deposit is paid to the studio, not us. We are not able to refund the deposit value and swap to deposit for another product.

【In-Stock】 Products

Customers can cancel orders before we have made the purchase and get a full refund or get a refund without deposit value (40% of the full payment) after we have made the purchase. We will only make the purchase after we receive your final confirmation for the purchase. In addition, customers can request a refund within 30 days after receiving the product. Once the product is shipped back to our warehouse, we will refund the value based on the completeness of the product. Freight of return will be borne by the buyer. However, we will not accept a refund request for human-made damaged statues.  But we will provide a repair service if the parts are repairable for an extra charge.


After you reply to our email to confirm the purchase, we will purchase it for you immediately. If you want to cancel the order after we have made the purchase, the deposit is non-refundable. Please consider carefully before placing an order.

We will not accept the application of refund/return by human-made damage, or human factors change. Once our products are signed in, we will not accept returns/refunds by anthropic factors unless the product is damaged in transit. Gathering proofs, taking photos, and send to us, we are able to request repair parts to message the studio if they have the parts (for an extra charge), and will send you the Insurance covered refund (please check our Insurance policy). We don't accept false/fake evidence and will report it to the platform and blacklist you.


Unboxing and after-sales precautions:

1. Please open the box within the same day after receiving the goods. Please record the unboxing video (if there is no unboxing video, it is hard for us to provide after-sales service). After 3 days of receiving the goods, it will be assumed that the product is intact and no after-sales service will be provided.

2. When unpacking, be sure to carefully identify the front and back of the inner box, making sure the front is facing up and the bottom is facing down, otherwise the product may easily fall and be damaged when unpacking.

3. Please handle each part with care when taking it out. Pay special attention to whether the parts are stuck in the foam box, such as hair or the sharp points of special effects parts. Take them out slowly and do not use brute force.

4. The figures are handmade products, and the polishing, coloring and quality inspection are all done manually. The product may have minor factory defects, such as slight looseness at the interface, slight paint peeling, small uneven color or spillage, glue spillage and other minor defects. These are considered normal and are not quality problems. We do not accept returns or refunds due to minor factory defects.

5. The product pictures are the product renderings of the studio. In actual production, the studio may make adjustments based on suggestions from customer players and physical production conditions. Therefore, the actual product may have certain differences from the product renderings released by the studio, including but not limited to fine-tuning of the shape and addition or deletion of configurations. If the studio has product adjustments or modifications, we will not notify you by default. Please refer to the official final product. We do not support returns or refunds for reasons such as "not like the character".

6. We will provide customers with the best possible packaging service, but we cannot promise that customers will receive a perfect outer box. Long-term transportation may cause some damage to the outer box of the product, which is inevitable.


Chargeback Disputes and PayPal Claims

If you encounter any problems, we strongly recommend that you contact us via WhatsApp or email first rather than opening a chargeback dispute or submitting a PayPal claim. We will try our best to solve the problem for you and provide you with higher service. Opening a chargeback dispute or PayPal claim will only extend your resolution time and greatly reduce the efficiency and solutions we can assist you. *Please remember that any account with a pending chargeback or PayPal claim without contacting us may result in your account being permanently suspended and blaclisted.*