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One Piece Beasts Pirates Volume 3rd three Disasters King Alber Statue - Stand Studio [Pre-Order]

One Piece Beasts Pirates Volume 3rd three Disasters King Alber Statue - Stand Studio [Pre-Order]

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    Studio:Stand Studio

    Product Name: Beasts Pirates Volume 3rd three Disasters King Alber

    Est. Completion: 2024 Q3-Q4

    Size: (H) 47 cm x (D) 20 cm x (W) 20 cm

    Approximately 41cm tall without wings

    Limited Quantity:100

    Product IP:One Piece

    Product Role:King Alber

    Product Features:Hot-blooded animation

    Product Scale:POP

    Height Range:36-50cm

    Product Material: --

    Special Description: All pre-ordered players will receive a humanoid head sculpture and stand, which can be replaced with the mask head sculpture.

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