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SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger Resin Statue - Atlas Studio [In-Stock]

SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger Resin Statue - Atlas Studio [In-Stock]

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Studio: Atlas Studio

Product Category: Anime Action Figure, Statues, Collectibles

Product Name: Yor Forger

Material: Resin, PU Resin (Polyurethane)

Est. Completion: 4th Quarter 2022 - 1st Quarter 2023

[Scale: 1/4]
Est. Size: 25.5cm (L) x 25.5cm (W) x 44.8cm (H) [Round base]
Est. Size: 27.3cm (L) x 21.5cm (W) x 49.2cm (H) [Staircase base]
Limited Quantity: 128 units

[Scale: 1/6]
Est. Size: 17cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 30cm (H) [Round base]
Est. Size: 25cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 33cm (H) [Staircase base]
Limited Quantity: 200 units

1. This product is Luxury Version, including Yor Forger with red sweater + Nude + TWO base + TWO exchangeable head carving (The clothes hanging in the picture are for display only and are not included.)
2. The 1/4 Scale Luxury version including a simulation skin texture and the base was made of real blanket, and the base of the 1/6 Scale will be using a decal to present.
3. Product gross weight: 1/4 Luxury 13.13kg, 1/6 Luxury 4.25kg; Product net weight: 1/4 Luxury 9.1kg. 1/6 Luxury 2.55kg
4. Package box size: 1/4 - 631 x 256 x 888mm; 1/6 - 501 x 201 x 638mm.

- Click here for Yor Forger 2.0 Accessory Kit for 1/4 Deluxe Edition

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